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Castle Instruments

Castle Instruments provide a wide range of health and safety measurement equipment. From noise meters to vibration meters and including gas detection, air sampling, light, temperature and audiometry.


CastleRent offers an alternative to buying health and safety meters. Providing a cheaper option for companies, organisations and individuals who need the make checks on noise levels, CastleRent is the ideal solution.

Castle Training Academy

It is important to understand to risks involved in working areas and the Castle Training Academy has been set up to cover many aspects of health and safety at work and in the environment so you can understand your responsibilities and how to measure and analyse.

Free Health and Safety Seminars

To get you off the ground, refresh your knowledge or just to get a taste, Castle is continually running FREE Safety, Health and Environmental seminars around the country. Covering subjects from Noise at Work and Environmental Noise to COSHH and Audiometry, the list is ever growing as are the locations.